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Software engineering Interview Questions and Answers

Software engineering Interview Questions and Answers

Software engineering Interview Questions and Answers
Software engineering Interview Questions and Answers guide us now; software engineering (SE) is a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the development, operation and maintenance of the software and approaches; Study on the application, the design of software applications. For more information about this software, and get the software in production on the questions of production you prepare answers to manual work.

Software engineering Interview Questions and Answers:

Q. 1. What is software development Life Cycle (SDLC)? Where exactly the Testing activities begin in SDLC?

Answer: And has taken steps to develop applications or software. Links:

  • Analysis of demands
  • Design
  • Encoding
  • Test
  • The Implementation
  • Maintenance

Strength testing starting with the initial state, i.e. the requirement analysis.

SDLC describes the order in which phase of the software and the software life cycle phase.
The test is dependent on a template used in the item tracking list waterfall research takes place after the coding and testing model XP-the whole development analysis and software requirements.

Q. 2. What is Diff. between STLC and SDLC?

Answer:  The software life cycle SDLC development programs. It is located in this scene.

  • Requirement analysis
  • Design
  • Encoding
  • Test
  • Maintenance

If the test-cycle testing phases of the SDLC software IE STLD-right part of the picture. I have the download stage:

  • Create test
  • Data preparation
  • when you write a test script
  • Run test with test and numbers.
  • If you have error is increased in the implementation of the
  • Error when multiple finds to be resolved

Q. 3. What is the Different Software Development Model?

Answer: In the list, many companies, software developers, some of the great popular models, the accepted

  • Life cycle (SDLC) system development
  • The prototype model
  • Application development model
  • Component model building groups

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